An African American's View
by Pansye Atkinson

Brown vs. Topeka

Brown vs. Topeka: Desegregation and Miseducation" is a wake-up call and could not be more timely. Atkinson’s work has a properly holistic quality which, fittingly, calls on us to ‘galvanize’ our communities in order to off-set those institutions and forces oppressing us individually and collectively. Atkinson is still on the front lines and far ahead of so many of us. This book is a beacon; I hope many others will ‘see’ it.”
--Dr. Russell L. Adams, Chairperson, Department of Afro-American Studies, Howard University

“This work by Pansye Atkinson is the best of its genre. She has written a lucid argument and a brilliant inquiry into one of the central tenets of modern American politics and social life. Clearly this will become a classic in its field for erudition and clarity. I will not only use it myself, but recommend it to my graduate students.”
--Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Founder, first Ph.D. program in African American Studies, Professor, Temple University

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Dr. Fred L. Hord - poet, author, African American Studies scholar and founder of the Association for Black Culture Centers (ABCC), who contributed the "Epilogue" to the book: "...groundbreaking work...."
"...a fascinating and disturbing counter-view of the received tradition about the positive effects of the Brown vs. Topeka ruling."
-- Dr. Catherine R. Gira, President Emerita, Frostburg State University